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Apex Trading is proud to bring you high quality gift items from Israel. Most of the items are handmade by
skilled artists throughout the Holyland. From candles to Judaica to non-religious items, we bring you a
wide choice of products with that special connection to the Land of Israel.

We make it easy for American and Canadian stores and gift shops to feature products from Israel.  We
believe that helping our customers to successfully sell Israeli products will also help Israeli artisans and
manufacturers to be successful.  

We travel to Israel regularly, looking for exciting artists.  We bulk ship products from Israel to our
warehouse in the United States in order to achieve low shipping costs for you.  Customer service is
especially important to us.

Since Apex Trading distributes exclusively Israeli products, you and your customers don't have to wonder
where your products were designed and produced; if it's from Apex, it's from Israel!
Apex Trading Company
8180 SW Nimbus Ave., Ste 5G
Beaverton, OR 97008
TEL:   866.264.4547
FAX:  866.707.8598

Apex Trading offers an extensive selection of candles from two
world-renowned manufacturers:  Safed Candles in the ancient city of Tzfat
and Ner Zion Candles in Beer Sheva.  These include beautifully
hand-decorated taper and pillar candles; many kinds of dripless Chanukah
candles; Shabbat candles and Havdalah candles. Of course, all of our
candles are clean burning with lead-free wicks.
Our Judaica collections come from Chen Holon, Doris Glass Art, Gabrieli
Hand Weaving, Galilee Silks, Lily Art, Lior Gluska, Yossi Steinberg, Avi
Mishaan, Matiel, and more.  We carry holiday items for Shabbat (challah
trays, wine glasses, and candle holders), Rosh Hashana (apple and honey
dishes and shofars), Chanukah  menorahs, and Passover (seder and
matzah plates) plus non-holiday items such as mezuzahs, kosher scrolls,
tallitot, torah pointers, and salt shakers. And of course we have an
extensive line of Shabbat, Havdalah, and Chanukah candles.
Apex Trading offers extensive lines of quality silver and gold jewelry from Neta
Jewelry, Marina Jewelry, Avi Mishaan, Emuna, Esther Shahaf, Israel Museum,
and Daniel Azoulay.  We are always adding new products and artists.
Apex Trading offers a wide range of tableware and wall hangings from Lily Art,
Agayof, Doris Glass Art, and Yossi Steinberg, among others.
Apex Trading offers perfumes and anointing oils in biblical fragrances from
Essence of Jerusalem. We also offer beautiful scarves from Galilee Silks,
many with Jerusalem scenes.
Bringing Israeli Products to North American Retailers